Oppenheimer Formula IV

Oppenheimer Formula IV works on

Crude Oil




Chlorinated solvents

Marine Fuel


Motor Oils


Heating Oils

Hydraulic Fluids


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For use in oil water separators, retain ponds, and grease traps.

Using microbes to digest oil in your OWS is a proven technique to minimize the oil content in OWS effluent and sludge and to reduce OWS cleanout frequency. Microbes added to an OWS break down petroleum products suspended or dissolved in the wastewater, floating oil, or sludge. Facilities using bioremediation have eliminated wastewater violations and have reported reducing their sludge petroleum content by more than 80 percent. Such reductions can lower the regulatory status of OWS sludge, which will affect the required disposal method and disposal costs. Microbes are added to an OWS or interceptor lines on a regular basis to replenish microbe populations. Microbes are nontoxic and completely safe.

Oppenheimer Formula IV contains a super concentrated blend of communities of aerobic and microaerophilic microorganisms (microbes), that are blended into a dense absorbent powder. Our proprietary mixture contains microbes that have been selected from worldwide natural soil and water sources, (including those bacteria in the Domain Archaea). Our microbes are chosen for their affinity for hydrocarbons, both biochemically and physically.

The oil digesting microbes work quickly and efficiently to recycle simple and complex hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons into non toxic byproducts. This product can be effectively used in a range of environments to treat crude oil, fuels, oil field waste, wastewater, and chlorinated compounds.


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Highlights & Benefits

  • Organic and natural
  • Super concentrated
  • 1 to 5 microns in size
  • Dense powder
  • Works efficiently
  • Non toxic
  • Salt tolerant
  • pH tolerant
  • Easy to easy
  • NOT freeze dried

Available in


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Reduces sludge output.


Can be used in sensitive waterways and marshlands


Safely restores damaged soil back to healthy conditions.