Mighty Mikey - for use in septic tanks and septic systems.

Mighty Mikey works on

Home septic tanks

Boat bilge systems

RV holding tanks

Commercial septic systems

Wastewater holding tanks


Benefits include

Reduced odors

Restore beneficial microbes

Liquifies waste

Less pumpouts required


What is it?

Mighty Mikey is a super concentrated and highly effective powder that contains specialized group of beneficial microbes. When added to your septic tank system on a monthly basis it will help to ensure that the septic system operates efficiently. It is 100% safe and non-toxic and will not hurt your septic system or pipes.

Mighty Mikey helps to liquify organic wastes and suspended solids that are flushed into the tank, this helps the drainage of the liquid into the drainfields.

Many chemicals used for household cleaning kill the good microbes in septic tanks. This reduces the populations of good microbes that are able to allow the septic system to work. This can result in odors, overflowing toilets, slow draining pipes, and clogged drainage fields - basically more money out of your pocket. Adding Mighty Mikey to your system will restore the beneficial microbe populations and keep your septic system in balance..




Product Highlights

  • Organic and natural
  • Concentrated
  • Non toxic
  • Salt tolerant
  • pH tolerant
  • simple & easy to use
  • NOT freeze dried
  • Safe

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Recommended Monthly treatment of

one ounce per 1,000 gal. tank.