BioZorb® works on


Crude Oils

Lube Oil

Marine Fuel

Brake Fluids

Refined Oils


Motor Oils


Heating Oils

Hydraulic Fluids

Wet / Dry Waste Drill Cuttings

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For use on minor oil and fuel spills that happen on hard surfaces.

BioZorb® contains a special blend of naturally occurring organic non toxic oil degrading microbes, that are blended into an absorbent powder. Our microbes have been selected for their large appetite to consume fuels and oils, both biochemically and physically.

Step One - is physical. Once BioZorb® comes into contact with the spill, it immediately starts to lock up and contain the spilled material.

Step Two - is biological. The addition of water activates the microbes. The activated microbes begin breaking down, and destroying the oil and or fuel. The microbes eat and convert the spilled material into non toxic byproducts. These byproducts are used by plants, fish, and wildlife as a source of energy.

This allows you to quickly cleanup spills in place, saving you time and money. BioZorb® helps to restore the natural balance to areas that have been affected by oil or fuel spills.


Highlights & Benefits

  • Organic and natural
  • Easy to use
  • Dense powder
  • Works well
  • Non toxic
  • Salt tolerant
  • pH tolerant
  • Easy to easy
  • NOT a GMO
  • NOT freeze dried

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Emergency spills


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