The Oppenheimer Story


Key Points


Formulated to treat minor fuel and oil spills on hard surfaces. Does not contain nutrients.


Made to treat oil and fuel spills on water environments, fresh, salt or brackish water.


For oil fields, pipelines, and refineries. Contains nutrients. Can be used instead of BioZome.


I’ve compared other products head-to-head with Oppenheimer and it’s not even close. They have phenomenal products that work.

Mark K.

We believe that our success is due to the importance that Oppenheimer places on making natural and organic products that work.

Jen H.

With many years experience in the oil and gas industry, using OBI Products we have a success story built on one successful project after another.

Mike S.

A bit about our history...

Dr Carl H. Oppenheimer was a world renowned scientist credited as one of the founding fathers of modern bioremediation.

Dr. Oppenheimer started OBI in the early 1991's with the vision and personal goal of using naturally occurring oil eating microbes that he had discovered during his lifetime to help cleanup pollution in the environment. These oil eating microbes recycle a pollution into beneficial by products.

  To read more about Dr. Oppenheimer click here.

"While doing my research, I found that single microbes by themselves were not very efficient, but that teams of microbes were far more efficient"

Dr. Carl H. Oppenheimer


Dr. Oppenheimer participated in the first open water application of oil eating microbes to an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This open water testing was done at the site of the "Megaborg" Spill off the coast of Texas in 1990. To view the video click here.

The Oppenheimer Formula was the very first product that we manufactured when we first opened our doors for business. It remains one of our core products and is used as base in all of our products are derived from the Oppenheimer Formula.

When we first started our company it was not cool to be green or for companies to produce organic products. Times have changed and most certainly for the better. Our products benefit and help to heal the environment.

Our current chief scientiest and CEO, Jennifer Neve worked side by side with Dr Oppenheimer helping him to refine and enhance our manufacturing process, develop field applications, and new products. In 2008 Jennifer Neve was promoted to CEO and chief scientist.

In the fall of 2018 we launched our latest products that are water soluble.