gets results
simple and easy to use
clean and green
benefits the environment
recycles pollutants
cost effective
restores balance
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For oil and fuel spills on salt, brackish, or fresh water.

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water environments
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For minor oil and fuel spills on hard surfaces and in soil. Can be used in emergency spills.

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hard surfaces and soil
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Multiple uses including soil and water remediation and restoration.

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soil and water

For use on pipelines, oil fields and refineries. Can be used on emergency spills.

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hard surfaces and soil

About Our Products

We manufacture concentrated organic products that contain naturally occurring oil eating microbes. Our products recycle simple, complex and chlorinated hydrocarbons into natural compounds that benefit the environment.

We turn a pollution into a beneficial solution.

We're not the only ones excited about our products!

Nothing is as effective!

I’ve compared other products head-to-head with Oppenheimer and it’s not even close. They have phenomenal products that work.

Mark K. | President

Successful results! Project after project!

With many years experience in the oil and gas industry, using OBI Products we have a success story built on one successful project after another.

Mike S. | Engineer

Fantastic products that work!

We believe that our success is due to the importance that Oppenheimer places on making natural and organic products that work.

Jen N. | CEO